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Pay per view ads (or PPV Marketing) is a very good alternative to the many paid traffic methods. For example, PPC (pay per click) may be very expensive and not all PPC advertising campaigns may be cost-effective, as the costs for advertising may exceed revenues from sales. Often the price per one click at PPC is within $2-30 and it is available to the small number of marketers. The price for PPV advertising is much lower and it is usually in the range of $1-2 per 1000 views, and it is noteworthy that this traffic can also be targeted if you build your PPV advertising campaigns the right way. PPV advertising networks are well developed and there is a good choice of them. So, you can choose the ones that will work best for your market niche.

As in many cases associated with the need of targeted traffic supply, you’ll need some time to determine what PPV resources give good results for your market niche. Use our list of PPV resources with minimal budget at the beginning for each case, and you will find your profitable combination.

Updated: June 23, 2013.

Use Pay Per View Ads (PPV). 

Pay per view ads

PPV advertising is not difficult to use, but you must remember that PPV is a permanent experimentation and results tracking. Remember, you should not make any random actions, as this will lead to a negative result. If you are new to PPV marketing you should start with a small budget for each PPV resource used and carefully observe the result. At the initial stage, you’ll make mistakes, and some of the money from your advertising budget will be used not enough effectively, but gradually, you will begin to feel PPV marketing and your PPV campaigns become very productive.

 In addition to proper preparation and management of PPV companies, you should have a product to advertise, which is of great interest to customers of your market niche and they will be  willing to buy it. This situation is absolutely essential, because otherwise there will be no conversion and your Pay Per View Ads will not bring any profit.

1. Best PPV Marketing Resources.

Below we give the list of resources for PPV advertising, which are the most suitable because of their long stay in the market and experience. Also, they provide targeted traffic for many market niches. Despite the similarities, each PPV resource has its own characteristics. Please, carefully read the rules in every case. Do not forget to perform tracking and timely to adjust your advertising campaigns. The minimum bid for pay per view ads at this resources is $0.015-$0.035 per view, depending on the category you have chosen.

Powerful Resources for Cheap Targeted Traffic (PPV, CPV): 

1. Trafficvance The most authoritative resource for Pay Per View Ads in the net, provides a high level of targeted traffic. This resource is recommended for those who plan to spend for PPV ads at least $50/day. The minimum deposit is $1 000.00. Many marketers consider Trafficvance as a Internet PPV king.
2. LeadImpact At LeadImpact the size of initial deposit is $200, further deposits of at least $20. This resource characterized by targeted traffic supply and is good for testing advertising campaigns for further transfer of the campaigns to other PPV networks.
 3. Media Traffic Very good PPV resource with strict rules and giving targeted traffic. The size of initial deposit is $200, further deposits of at least $100. Many marketers like this resource and it is very popular. If you are new to PPV marketing you have to start with Media Traffic or LeadImpact and then to transfer the experience to other PPV resources.
 4. DirectCPV Very friendly PPV resource and very good for beginners. The minimum size of initial deposit is $100. They often include $25 bonus at the first $100 deposit. Also this resource has a quality set of tools, which significantly enhances PPV advertising.
 5. AdOn Network At AdOn Network the initial deposit size is $200, further deposits of at least $20. This resource characterized by targeted traffic supply. AdOn Network is a subsidiary of PV Media Group, Inc. PV Media Group offers a full suite of online media solutions from leading companies in online advertising and PPV marketing,

Additional List of Quality Resources for Low-Cost Traffic:  

ZEDO Pulse 360
adMarketplace Clicksor
Plentyoffish Aim4Media
Adoori Kontera
Chitika LookSmart

2. PPV Training and Earning Offers.

On this page we also present the most successful programs on PPV marketing, which you can use not only to get quality training on Pay Per View Ads and PPV Marketing, but also to earn money by advertising your website.

Mass PPV Traffic.

Mass PPV Traffic——————————— Powerful Approach for PPV Marketing!

Mass PPV Traffic was released by the group of people, including the well-known marketer Kris Trujillo. We can say that the product is well up to its name, as it shows how you can get mass amounts of traffic at a price not exceeding $0.01 per visitor. And what is interesting is that this traffic can be well targeted. So, if you do not have time for article marketing (or other labor-intensive traffic submission methods), then Mass PPV Traffic is for you.

The system has the following benefits:

    • It is easy to use and does not require special skills. A beginner will master it quickly and easily.
    • All you need is included. You’ll have everything at one place. You can start your pay per view ads (campaigns) immediately.
    • You’ll learn about PPV network and the best techniques on how to get targeted traffic at a price not higher than 0.01$ per targeted visitor.
    • You’ll know how to capture your visitors e-mail and how to increase conversion rates of your squeeze pages for your PPV campaigns. You’ll also get some original design tips for the landing pages to get shockingly high response from them.
    • You don’t need a big budjet to start to get mass traffic fast, you start just with as little as $7.00.

Certainly, one of the very big advantages of PPV method is that it does not require much time and at low labor spending can produce good results.

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For those who encounter for the time with pay per view ads we note that it is an advertisement that appears in the pop-up windows on the websites. The size of the pop-up window is often 775×400. You, probably, have seen it often. Companies, that have big networks, advertise within their networks and get money for PPV ads. This type of advertising is considered as one of the most inexpensive ways of getting paid traffic.

You know that high prices for PPC services from the leading companies, especially from AdWords, make it impossible to use PPC for many people and for very many online money-making projects. In this case, PPV can be a good opportunity for advertising website at a significantly lower price.

Unfortunately, the most responsible PPV resources require deposit of a certain amount of money before to use their services, for example, this can be the amount of $20, $50, $100, or even $200. This is done in order to share with the client seriousness of intentions. There is no risk to deposit some money as all of these funds will be used for your advertising campaigns. You’ll control your balance.

So, if you are looking for effective but inexpensive ways to supply traffic to your website pay close attention to Pay Per View Ads and PPV marketing on the whole.



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