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Taking paid surveys on line is a popular activity for making money. So, maybe you will be interested to read some tips for taking survey.

First it should be known that you will not get rich doing paid surveys. You likely will not be able to even make anything that could be considered a living from paid surveys either. What you can do is make enough money to supplement your current income if you follow the main tips for taking survey. It is well known that at the own businesses start of  you may need some money (some financial support for the project). You can allocate a certain time for taking surveys to support your main business intention up to the moment your business spin up enough.

Below we list the most important tips for taking survey to help you maximize revenue and reduce the time.

Updated: February 15, 2014.

1. Be Active, Check Your E-mail Box Several Times a Day.

Some online survey sites send you more surveys if you are active. They might even send you surveys with higher payouts. Check your account and make sure your profiles are updated so you’re getting the most relevant surveys. Also, some sites require a certain amount of activity in order to keep your account active, which means keeping any non-redeemed earnings valid. Many opportunities to take paid surveys need to be acted on quickly. This requires checking your email several times a day and responding to invitations in a timely manner. If you have confirmed your participation at survey, then it is necessary to perform the work at time.

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2. Honesty at Taking Surveys is the Best Policy.

Keeping your answers on paid surveys completely truthful helps everyone in the end. Client companies get the valid consumer data they are paying for and you earn a reputation as a dependable person who deserves many more survey invitations.

3. Create a Separate E-mail Address.

First and foremost, to be more organized and prevent any confusion, we recommend creating a separate e-mail address for only survey-related e-mails. This should be done before signing up with any panels because you want to use only that e-mail address for those survey companies. It is good to use e-mail service such as Gmail or Yahoo for this. It really will allow you to keep more organized.

4. Work with a Number of Survey Programs.

With so many paid survey sites around, you should branch out and register with a number of legitimate sites given the time that you dispose. This increases your odds for receiving invitations for taking surveys. The more actual surveys you take – the more rewards you will earn. Some survey panels may send out several survey invites a week, while others only send out a few a month or even less. It really depends on your demographic and what you qualify for. You can always drop out of the panels that do not seem profitable for you. The important point to remember is to find the ones that work best for you and focus on those in the end. We recommend from 5 to 10 survey panels for people that are just getting started. It will allow you to focus on getting all of your profiles filled out, and not getting overwhelmed from the start. Of course, TOP 5 is a good place to start since they represent some of the best panels. In general, all of the panels you choose have to be legitimate survey panels that incentives in the form of check, Paypal, or other forms of payment.

5. Set a Time During Each Day to Concentrate on Taking Surveys, Follow the Main Tips for Taking Survey.

To better organize your time, set up a time during the day that is convenient for you to focus on taking surveys. An hour or two should be sufficient depending on how long you are willing to put into it.

6. Always Fill Out Your Profile Surveys and Remember to Update Them.

Filling out profile surveys can be very time-consuming depending on the survey panel, but it is worth it. It is best to do it right after signing up with a survey panel to get it out of the way. Filling out profiles increases the amount of surveys you will receive because the panel will know more about you. Also, remember to update your profiles at least once a year, especially if anything important changes in regards to your household, etc. It is be to update profiles every six months or so.

7. Keep an Eye Out for Invokes and Focus Groups.

Invokes (interactive online focus groups) are typically found by searching surveys on popular survey sites. They do not appear frequently and are therefore hard to come across. However, these are worth much more money than typical surveys and usually pay $20-40 for an hour or two of your time. Sometimes you get lucky and it is a short survey to see if you qualify for an Invoke. Invokes are scheduled for a specific date and time, so make sure you have time to participate. You can also try to qualify for focus groups that may be offered in your area. There are a lot of companies that specialize in conducting focus groups, some in person and some online (discussion forums are especially popular nowadays). However, it can be discouraging because qualifying can be very hard and quotas fill up fast. It is definitely worth trying for, though, since these focus groups can pay anywhere from $50-300 or even more in some cases.

8. Taking Survey Qualification Failures.

Don’t get discouraged if you do not qualify for certain surveys or have small amount of invitations in your inbox. Just keep completing screeners, checking websites and reading forums for the latest opportunities to take paid surveys. Over time, after you have built up a reputation within a number of survey providers, you will have a steady stream of projects to work on and some great pocket money to spend as you please.

9. Taking Survey Qualification Failures.

The only way to decide whether a survey site works for you is to keep records on your earnings and time spent. Some survey sites will provide a higher ROI. If you sign up with a bunch of sites and take any survey that falls into your inbox, low paying sites and not notice the quality ones that actually make you money.

10. Normal Precautions.

As with any Internet usage, you need to be on your guard against potential scams and frauds. Is the survey you are presented with all that it is meant to be? Or does it seem like there is something wrong? If you are asked personal questions that become a little too personal (such as about bank details) or you find yourself becoming uncomfortable, you might want to pause for thought, or simply stop taking part.

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If you plan to start your own online business and you are experiencing serious difficulties in the initial small money to invest in your business, then you can use paid surveys web sites to take surveys as an auxiliary activity to support your main online business.

Selection of the companies for taking paid surveys may make take from you at least 2-3 months, as there is a waiting time to get a good offer for taking survey and a waiting time for a reply on performed surveys. Choose for the use only those surveys companies that pay on time. Find more tips for taking survey to support your work.

Use our tips for taking survey to find the best paid surveys for you.



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